Why rent a townhome for your Orlando trip?

July 22, 2016

coral cay resort orlando townhome

Traveling to Orlando is a dream for many families, because who wouldn’t love to spend magical days casting spells and  riding insane roller coasters at at Universal Orlando and making forever memories at Disney World, right? But a family usually has a routine and it can be hard for families to trade in the comforts of home for a crammed room with double beds, one bathroom a mini fridge. And that is why we set up this post to highlight the benefit of renting a town home for your Orlando vacation:

Privacy: a vacation should mean everyone gets to have their own space to relax. It’s really not that fun to have to be crammed into one single hotel room when all you want is to watch some TV after the kids have gone to sleep and not have to watch out for your every move in fear that you’ll wake up the kids. Coral Cay Resort offers three and four bedroom townhomes to allow every member of the family to have their own quiet time.

Coral Cay Resort - Bedroom
Togetherness: On the other hand, you obviously want to share family moments and enjoy each other’s company during your vacation, so a townhome offers common areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen to allow you to gather up the Brady Brunch and have some fun!

Coral Cay Resort - Dining Area


Convenience: Having a full kitchen really allows you to hold on with some of your home routine. The food at the parks can be very expensive and mostly unhealthy, so being able to cook sometimes and prepare your own snacks it’s a huge plus. You can also do laundry to avoid having to over pack and not have to worry about spilling accidents.

Living Room


Price: The daily rates for a townhouse are usually unbeatable when you consider how many people the house actually sleeps. You can easily fit in two or even three families in a four-bedroom townhome and have a wonderfully comfortable vacation.



Time: when you vacation in Orlando, time is precious. The lines  at the parks are usually shorter in the morning, so you really don’t need to waste time waiting in the bathroom line in a standard hotel room. A townhome offers enough bathrooms to allow your whole party to get ready fast in the morning and get going early to enjoy your magical day!

Staying in a more spacious environment while on vacation really helps alleviate the stress of traveling with kids and keeping things as normal as possible. staying at Coral Cay you can also enjoy unique amenities like having a hot tub in your screened patio, taking a walk in your neighborhood, being in a gated community and more!