Universal Announces Shorter Lines

March 25, 2017


For years and years Disney World has been a leader when it comes to managing attractions’ wait times. Disney has the Fastpass+ that allows you to schedule up to three rides to visit at a later time without waiting in the regular, often very long, line.


At Universal Orlando, they also have the Express pass, but it was never quite as great as Disney’s Fastpasses, for a couple of reasons:


1- It’s a paid service, so if you don’t want to fork up another several hundred dollars to get the whole family passes then you don’t get to skip any lines.


2- Lack of technology: The Express Pass at Universal doesn’t currently rely on any technology. The way it works is that you purchase the passes and they grant you permission to visit the express line at any attraction at any time. The problem with that is that if a bunch of guests that have Express passes decide to visit the same attraction at once, the express line might end up being longer than the regular line.  It doesn’t happen often, but it happens more often than you would think.


But all of that is about to change. Universal finally jumped into the speedy-line bandwagon with their new attraction Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon that has groundbreaking technology to help avoid lines.

Jimmy Fallon 

Here is how it’ll work:

Guests will now be able to sign up to wait at a virtual line. They have touchscreen computers right outside of the ride where you can see which time slots are available for you to come back later and visit without having to wait in line.

You’ll also have the option to watch live entertainment if you choose to get in and wait in line. That will certainly make time go by faster than just boringly waiting in line without anything to do.

volcano bay 

The same kind of technology will also be used at their new Volcano Bay water park where visitors will be given wristbands that will alert them when it’s their turn to get on a ride.

Theme park executives at Universal understand that waiting in long lines is still the number one reason of dissatisfaction among guests, so they are betting that this new technology really help improve the overall theme park experience! With that in mind, we are hoping Universal will soon extend this technology to all other rides in the park.



We couldn’t be more excited for the possibility that we would soon be able to experience all of our favorite rides with shorter lines, which would mean more time to explore all the attractions, restaurants and stores Universal has to offer!

If you are as excited as we are, hurry up and book your stay now at the Coral Cay Resort for a vacation of a lifetime!