Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

July 7, 2016

Now that summer is here and temperatures are constantly reaching 100+ degrees, visiting a water park during your trip to Orlando should be a required part of your itinerary. A water park offers such a refreshing break from the regular theme parks because you still go on amazing rides, but you do it all in your bathing suit! Disney World has two water parks and today we’ll feature Typhoon Lagoon in this blog post to show you a bit of what they have to offer.

Water Park Orlando4

Typhoon Lagoon is about 15 minutes from our resort, Coral Cay. The water parks have the great advantage of not charging for parking and tickets are cheaper than regular theme park admissions, so you can enjoy a whole day of refreshing fun for less!

Water Park Orlando



The park is built around a huge wave pool, but not a basic wave pool. The waves reach up to 6 feet high and the pool is deep enough for you to dive and have some adventurous fun! Kids are also welcomed with a floating vest and are required to stay behind the red line. They do have life guards, but the pool is often very busy, so kids must be supervised at all times.

Water Park Orlando3


They have several water rides like Crush ‘n’ Gusher – a water coaster with fast drops, Mayday Falls, Storm Slides and more. They also have Ketchakiddee Creek, which is a whole area dedicated for small children (48″or under).

Our favorite activity, though, is the Shark Reef that allows you to snorkel through a cave-like saltwater pool filled with marine life like sting rays, tropical fish and small sharks.  You are required to wear a life-jacket, but can forfeit the mask and snorkel if you like. They have a few rules like: only swim forward, no diving, no touching the animals and no kicking the water. But you do get to float in place for a few minutes if you like to appreciate the view for a little longer. If you swim straight to the exit it will only take you a couple of minutes, but if you float in place you can enjoy the activity for much longer!

Water Park Orlando5

The park has a relaxing vibe with plenty of beach areas with chairs and loungers. You can rent a locker to store your valuables like phone, wallet and cameras. But you can leave your towel, clothes and flip flops to save a chair while you go for a ride and nobody will mess with it. The Castaway Creek ride- a lay river that takes you all around the park is also a relaxing ride enjoyed by many!


We hope these tips were helpful! Stop by our Facebook page if you have any questions or would just like to say hi! Happy Summer, everyone!