Should you take a bag to theme parks?

June 11, 2015

When going to a theme park you have to make the decision whether to take a bag with you or not. The basic pros and cons of taking a bag are pretty clear:

yes bag to theme parkPros: you get to take all of your essentials with you and that is helpful especially when you have kids. Packing stuff from home will help you save money on last-minute ponchos, snacks, toys and make feel overall more prepared for the long day at a theme park. You can check the basic 10 items we recommend you taking it here. Basically you can take snacks, sunglasses, ponchos and also ensure your car keys, wallet, phone, cameras and other belongings are safe and close to reach.


no bag theme parkCons: It can be a pain to haul around a bag when you are already walking and standing all day. Also, depending on what theme park you are going to, you may have to store your bag in lockers before going on certain rides. That can end up being pretty time consuming, because the lockers also have lines sometimes.



If after reading the latter list you thought, “Exactly, I hate carrying stuff around and it’ll just slow me down at the end.” Then you may want to consider NOT taking a bag and just wear cargo pants to carry the bare essentials in your pockets.

But if you are still indecisive, we would like to give you a few park-specific info that may help you make up your mind. First, know that your decision may vary according to the theme park you are visiting, because different parks have different rules:


Disney World: You shouldn’t have to worry about storing your bag at all, because Disney allows you to take your bag with you in every ride. They do have lockers, but since they’re mostly located in the entrance of the park you will not want to keep going back and forth every time you need something out of your bag. That would actually defeat the whole purpose of having a bag, because you won’t have easy access to your items throughout the day. So, if you’re taking a bag make sure you’r not loading your whole life in it and making it weigh a ton. For a few good options on what kind of bag to take, check out this blog post. If you still decide on renting a locker, know that the large multi-use lockers that you can open and close as many times as you like go for $10/day+ $5 key refundable deposit for the large size locker and $8/day + $5 key refundable deposit.


Universal Studios- They have lockers in the entrance of the park that alike Disney rent for $8-$10 a day, but they also provide free lockers for all rides that REQUIRE you to store your belongings: Rockit, Gringotts, Men in Black, Mummy, Dragon Challenge, Harry Potter Forbidden Journey and Hulk.

The lockers will be free for as long as it takes you to ride. So, if the line for Hulk is 45 minutes they may give you 60 minutes free. For the other rides like Jurassic Park, for example, they offer paid lockers because you don’t have to store them. Remember that if you have small children and are doing child swap, you can always ask the other person in your party to hold your bag while you ride.


Sea World- They have lockers by the rides that require you to store you items, but they charge from $1 to $1.50 for a single use. It’s still fairly cheap, but it can add up if you keep storing and removing items every single time you go on a ride. They also offer lockers that you can rent for the day and they go for $8/small $12/ large + $10 refundable key deposit.