New Disney’s Pandora – The World of Avatar

May 26, 2017 

Coming tomorrow, May 27, 2017, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is about to unveil Pandora the World of Avatar, one of the most magical lands you’ve ever seen. We were invited to a preview party to experience the whole land and share our thoughts with you, our guests!


You can really believe the hype, because Disney has seriously delivered on their promises for Pandora! The new area is filled with so much detail that just taking a walk around Pandora will already satisfy your cravings for magical moments and unique experiences.


Pandora has two new rides that will absolutely blow you away. We can try to describe these rides to you, but we warn you that nothing we say will do justice to these high-tech, magnificent rides.  You’ll just have to experience each ride for yourself.


The Na’vi River Journey takes you through a tour of the bioluminescent forest and you get to seat back and admire the floating creatures, glowing plants, translucent water and even hear and see a real Avatar in the forest. The ride is a passive boat ride, so it’s great for folks who prefer less adventurous rides.


The Avatar Flight of Passage is the BEST ride of all time. That’s it. That is the only way to describe it. You will be seated in a bike-style seat that mimics the back of your Banshee and will be matched to an Avatar to be able to experience a flight through Pandora. The ride is fast-paced and SO realistic. The sights from Pandora are out of this world and you even get to smell the forest and have your hair swept away from your face as your Banshee picks up some speed. 


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