Orlando in the Spring

March 20, 2015

Spring is finally here!!!! Okay, I’ll quit being dramatic and calm down with the exclamation marks. I know, I know… we live in Florida so it’s not like we were freezing. But trust us, we miss our nice weather. I guess our Floridian blood is just too thin, because anything below 60 degrees is sweater weather for us!

So if you’re coming to Orlando we have a few suggestions for you to spend some quality time outside enjoying our lovely weather. I am sure you’ll visit Disney and Universal, so I’ll consider these obvious choices and skip to the other options!

Wekiva Springs: I cannot get enough of this place. It located at just about an hour from the Universal Orlando area and there is more than one spring, which are beautiful and so well maintained. Visitors get to relax in a natural setting, enjoy a picnic, swim in the clear water or take a kayak ride through nature paths. Swimming and snorkeling are also popular in the head springs. It’s true that the water is very cold and it smells a little like rotten eggs since the spring is sulfur water. But the cold water is refreshing and your nose gets used to the smell quick enough to not be an issue.

Tip: Sometimes they have Groupon deals where you can get in the park and get a kayak or canoe rental for about $8 a person.

Paddleboard Orlando: This is an awesome way to spend time among nature, get a tan and sneak in a workout! Paddleboard Orlando offers classes for beginners if you have never tried paddle boarding before, or offer equipment rentals if you think you can figure out yourself. Classes are offered on a wide array of Orlando’s lakes and canals, and you can sign up for manatee or moonlight paddles, group or private lessons, even nighttime bioluminescence outings. Prices start at $25 for a one-hour paddleboard rental and $35/person for group lessons. If you have a minimum of six people you can have a private party tour/class for $45/person, which included a two-hour lesson, equipment rental, instructors and digital PICTURES!!! The lessons are held at different locations: Wekiva River Adventure, Crystal River/ Three Sisters Springs (Manatee excursion), New Smyrna Beach, Silver River in Ocala and Venetian Canal.

Bike Ride: you can now rent a bike and ride around Orlando! The City of Orlando has launched a new bike share program and there are currently four stations throughout Downtown Orlando. Another 16 stations are planned for phase two of Orlando Bike Share providing a total of 200 bicycles at 20 locations downtown. Rentals cost $5 an hour and you can return the bikes to any of the four stations for free, or even to any regular bike rack for a small additional fee. Find and reserve a bike using the mobile app, on the web at app.socialbicycles.com, or at the bike using its keypad.

Farmer’s Market: The Farmer’s Market is held every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Lake Eola Park. The park is brought to life by the crowd that gathers to enjoy delicious food sold at the different tents, live music, cute puppies, handmade products for sale, and people sun bathing on the grass or playing ball with their kids. Ride the swan-shaped paddle boats that available for rent for $15.00 per half hour (Each boat holds 5 adults) to entertain the kids and take great pictures. But if you just feel like strolling around, the atmosphere is upbeat, young and festive and we suggest grabbing some fresh coconut water to accompany your walk.