New at Busch Gardens

August 05, 2016

bush gardens

Coming to Orlando means visiting all of the amazing theme parks we have to offer, and that includes a mandatory visit to Busch Gardens to ride their thrilling roller coasters! Some people may feel discouraged to visit Busch Gardens since the park is located in Tampa at just about an hour and twenty minutes from our resort, the Coral Cay Resort, in Orlando.

Busch Gardens

But what guests may not know is that Busch Gardens offers free transportation to the park once you purchase your ticket in advance. We wrote a whole blog post about that before and you can get the scoop here.

But the roller coasters are not the only reason why you should visit Busch Gardens. The theme park has plenty of beautiful gardens and wild life exhibits. Plus,  Busch Gardens has just announced that the Rising Tide Conservation exhibit, a 270-gallon aquarium housing aquaculture fishes, live coral and snails, is now OPEN! Busch Gardens explained a bit more about this new addition to its park on their media release. Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

This non-profit collaborative effort focuses on methods to successfully breed saltwater reef fish to provide alternatives to collecting them from the wild.

Rising Tide Conservation partners with public aquariums, research facilities, pet-industry professionals and saltwater aquarium hobbyists to protect coral reefs by developing sustainable aquaculture methods.  The collection of marine tropical fish can cause damage to both the reef and the fish it sustains.

Guests can visit the exhibit by the conservation windows located to the right of Jambo Junction in the Nairobi area of the park.  The exhibit is open daily during park operating hours.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Busch Gardens!