Must Have Fun Items for a Long Trip

May 29, 2015

Traveling is one of the most rewarding investments you can make on yourself! But a long trip can get boring or filled with anxiety, especially if you have kids and you’re traveling to Disney World to stay with us at Coral Cay Resort. Here are a few thing we suggest packing to make sure your trip is fun all the way through!

Keep a sharp mind by playing this challenging game. If you have never played it, you can find instructions here. We recommend the paper version, because it won’t allow you to cheat as easy and there’s no risk of your phone battery dying in the middle of a game. But if you prefer phones, there’s an app for that! The best part? You play by yourself, so if you’re traveling solo everyone in your party is napping. It really doesn’t matter!


Carrying dozens of books with you without actually having to carry dozens of books with you? Yes, please! Some people tend to have motion sickness when reading in the car, so maybe save the reading for when traveling by plane!


Phone Apps
: Download the latest fever game and master it. You’ll have plenty of time during a long trip. Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Trivia… Pick one, or play them all!


Listen to your favorite tunes, or podcasts! Memorize a new song to exercise your memory!


Flip through pages filled with pictures without having to give it too much thought. Play a “find the object” game! How to play: Each person gets a magazine and one person names an object to be found. For example: a blue shoe. Whoever finds one first, wins! Tally the points!


Play Heads Up:
You guessed it. There’s an app for that too! Engage the whole family in a game and forget about the time. If you are coming to Disney World to stay with us at Hawthorn Lake Buena Vista, play a Disney version of the game to guess characters, movies and all things Disney!