Mother’s Day in Orlando

 April 30, 2015

Taking a vacation, especially to Orlando, is already a great present. But a lot of times families plan their vacation around the kids, and Mother’s Day should be all about the mom. If you are going to be in Orlando during Mother’s Day, we want to suggest a few places you can go or things you can do to make your mom’s day a special one!

Breakfast in bed: Most people’s first thoughts is to take Mom out to eat on her special day. Reality is that all restaurants will be packed for Sunday brunch or specials for Mother’s Day. If you are staying in a place like Coral Cay, which offers a full kitchen and all comforts of home, you can beat the crowds and show mom how much she means to you by getting your hands dirty and cooking her breakfast. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the breakfast to your mom’s taste while saving some precious vacation money and time! You won’t need to drive anywhere, get in a waiting list or wait forever to get the check in a packed restaurant. And with prices averaging $40 for an adult and $20 for a kid, your family could easily be saving close to $150. After breakfast is done, make sure you do the dishes! No chores for Mom during her special day!



Bonding gift: Buy your mom a meaningful gift that will always remind her of you! This bracelet, for example, is a cute gift that a daughter can share with Mom. Each one keeps a half and is always reminded of their loving bond!


Handmade card:
Nothing melts a mom’s heart more than having something made by their child. If the child is still too little to make a card, dad can sure take on the challenge. Make her a card that says how much you appreciate HER, and not the things she does for you. So, instead of saying: “I appreciate when you cook us dinner,” try saying, “I appreciate YOU for cooking us dinner and taking care of us.”


Plan ahead:
If you are coming to Orlando and plan on spending most days in a theme park, remember to plan some time during the day to dedicate just to Mom and make her feel special. Make reservations (way in advance, please) at a nice restaurant inside the park or plan a family photo activity with a Mother’s Day theme by buying her some silly props from the dollar store to wear! There is no better place to take pictures than Disney anyway, so that will make a wonderful vacation memory and ensure some quality time with the family!


Sweet surprise:
After you have done all of the above, surprise mom at the end of the day with something that speaks to her. Give her a rose, pour her a glass of her favorite wine, make her some hot cocoa, paint her toe nails, scratch her back or give her a foot massage. Whatever you know will make your mom, or wife, happy is what you should be doing! After all, it’s her day!