How to Avoid the Heat in Disney Theme Parks

July 10, 2015

Everyone knows how hot the days can get during the summer in Florida. That is why we have created a list of tips on how to stay cool during your day in the Disney World theme parks.


  • During the middle of the day when the sun is blazing, why don’t you take a break from the rides and do a little shopping at the front part of the park. Majority of these stores connect to each other so you can look at a variety of items without having to leave the air conditioning.
  • Each park either has a show like the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom or something like Mickey’s PhilharMagic where you can go and sit down for a little while in the air conditioning and you get to enjoy the show. Most of these have short lines since everyone wants to go on the main rides. On of my favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean since the line will get you out of the sun and into the cool, dark dungeon-like tunnel. The ride also features a part where you might get splashed during a gentle drop, which could really cool you off.
  • Start your day early. If you arrive to the park a few minutes before opening, you will get to go on most of the main attraction with little to no lines. I would suggest 20 minutes before since they usually open up and let people in about 15 minutes before the park is supposed to open.
  • Counter suggestion: Start your day late. Almost everyday in the summer we experience rain around 3-4, so I suggest heading to the park after this time to avoid the rain and the afternoon heat. This is also perfect if you choose to sleep in one day or if you want to enjoy the morning at the pool.
  • The last tip is to drink LOTS of water. Rather than paying a ridiculous amount of money on water bottles, make frequent visits to Disney’s quick service restaurants. All of these will give you a large cup of ice water with a lid and straw for free.