Easy Halloween Party Ideas

October 15, 2015

Halloween is almost here and we have spent some time on Pinterest gathering some great and EASY party ideas that you can DIY without spending a bunch of money or time. The ideas below are simple enough that you can execute them even if you are vacationing with us at the Coral Cay Resort and just feel like decorating a bit to get in the spooky Halloween mood!


Spider Donut 
 A chocolate doughnut, some M&Ms and pretzels will do the trick! So, this is a snack that even the most non-diy person will be able to pull off. The post is also filled with many other cool decoration tips.


Black Sugar 
 The easiest way to make your drink more somber is to add some black sugar to it!


Ghost Fridge 
If you have a white fridge, just cut up some paper and BOO! You got yourself a ghost.


Monster Doors 
This post has so many cute and scary ideas on how to decorate your door! They’re easy and very affordable to do!


Mummy Dogs 
This is an oldie but ultra easy party snack! Find more snack options in this awesome blog post!



Do you have any party tricks to share? Visit us on Facebook and share your tips with us! 🙂