Disney Souvenirs You Must Buy This Summer

July 20, 2018

Summer is finally here and it’s one of the busiest travel seasons for Orlando! Kids are on vacation during the summer and what’s better than to visit Orlando with the whole family, right? Orlando has plenty of attractions for all ages all year-round, but the summer is a bit extra special as you get to make unforgettable memories with your family while enjoying lots of relaxing pool time, refreshing water rides and delicious cold drinks! Summer can also be pretty hot in Orlando, so in order to help you enjoy an amazing vacation with us at the Coral Cay Resort, we compiled a list of five items that can make your vacation with us and your trip to the Disney Parks a lot cooler – literally cooler! You can purchase any of the items below inside a Disney store located in the parks or at Disney Springs. Y0u can also search local gift shops and your local Walmart for alike items if you are on a budget!


These portable fans are one of the best gadgets you can buy to help alleviate the heat! You will be walking several miles a day while exploring your favorite theme parks, so grabbing one of these can certainly help cool you off a bit! We suggest filling the bottom part of the fan with cold water for an even better experience. Ask for a cup of ice at any Disney restaurant and they should give you one free of charge. You can also fill it up at any water fountain, as the water is usually cooler than the sink water in the restroom! Getting spritzed with some cold water and some man-made wind can be incredibly refreshing for the hot summer days!






If you are looking for even more ways to cool off, these cooling towels can make some real magic happen! Wet the towels for a couple of minutes, preferably with ice-cold water and wring the excess out. Place the towel on your neck for a cooling touch that can last a good few hours!





Protecting yourself from the sun should be a given, but we will remind you one more time. Bring on the hats or visors to ensure you get some sun relief at least for your face. Disney his TONS of super cute hats to choose from, so this is definitely an item we would suggest you splurge on and purchase it at Disney! Pick your favorite character, favorite movie, favorite theme… whatever it may be, they got it!







Protect your eyes with some magical shades! Adults might already have sunglasses they love, but Disney has plenty of cute sunglasses for kids for a fairly good price! Some little ones might be a bit resistant on wearing sunglasses, but the sun can be very bright so it’s important to protect their tiny eyes! Buying a sunglass that has their favorite character on it might really help convince them to wear them after all!








Ponchos! Afternoon showers are very common in Orlando, so it’s always good to have some of these at hand. You might not find them displayed in every store, but just ask a cast member for help and they should be able to find you one to purchase. They are most always kept behind the register for some odd reason!








Pool towels are such a great souvenir! You get to use during your vacation to relax by the Coral Cay Resort’s pool with your family and you get to keep them to shower at home or take on a beach trip in the future! They also have all kinds of themes to choose from and often have deals if you buy more than one at the time!