Best Shoes for Disney & Theme Parks

April 3, 2015

You might be wondering why we would deem this subject so important to earn its own blog post. Well, your shoes are probably the most important wardrobe decision you will make when planning a theme park visit given you will be walking miles a day. YES…I said miles! So, if you have ever been to a theme park you are probably thinking your choices include: flip-flops or tennis shoes. If you are thinking about anything else, I beg you to reconsider unless whatever shoe you’re thinking of is your go-to option at all times and you know you can rely on it being comfortable ALL day. Here are a few of the shoe types you should wear or forget:


Heels– I’m not even going to elaborate. Just don’t. You’re welcome!


Crocs- Do you know how hot it gets in Florida? So, unless you want to squeak all day and have blisters after rubbing your soles on the hot/wet rubber… then don’t.


Boots- It gets cold maybe one percent of the year, so if you’re going during a cold day boots can be a good option. But only if they’re your most comfortable pair and you have decided to forfeit all water rides!


Sandals- Some people will swear by their sandals and spend all day every day in them. If you’re one of those, by any means… wear them. If you are just trying to look cute, don’t!


Flats- Most people don’t wear socks with their flats, so that makes for an uncomfortable 8-12 hours of feet sweating that you won’t want to put up with. Trust me.


Flat sneakers- If there’s no arch support, then what’s the point? But again, if you live in them… go for it.


Platform- These are just disguised heels. You know the rule… Don’t.


Tennis shoes- Yes! Now we are finally talking. The top contender in the shoe world is definitely the good ol’ tennis shoe. The argument in favor is that the cushions will help you reduce the impact on your knees and provide some much needed arch support. You really don’t need high-tech running shoes. A light, flexible shoe will actually work better for walking, instead of running. And please keep in mind that you don’t want to drag a heavy tennis shoe for hours or wear a shoe that is so densely built that would take forever to dry if it happened to get wet on a water ride.  


Flip Flops- The only reason why this has even made the list as a top contender is because in Florida we are practically born with flip-flops on, so many people really grow to feel very comfortable in them. The advantage here is that your feet will feel cooler than if wrapped in socks and shoes and will require no drying time coming off the water rides. The disadvantage is that walking in flat shoes all day can seriously put stress on your foot. If you’re going to wear them, just please consider that depending on the material of your flip-flops, they might get too slippery or squeaky when wet.


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