Best Kids Shoes for Disney World

August 19, 2015

We have dedicated a whole blog post to shoes before and the post had great engagement. That is because people recognize that the shoes you decide to wear to a theme park can make or break your whole experience. If you have ever come back from a day of intense walking with blisters on your feet, you should know what we are talking about. So we decided to make a similar blog post, but kids edition. We hope this post will help you decide what kind of footwear to pack for the kiddos when taking a trip to Disney!


Keen sandals dry quickly so they’re a great option if you go on water rides or encounter some light rain! They are also very comfortable and light weight!

Vans shoes are flat, but comfortable. They don’t offer much arch support but have enough padding to do the job. There are plenty of custom-made Vans for sale online, so you can get pretty fun ones like this Beauty & The Beast or Nemo ones.



The good thing is that Crocs are made out of a material that dries quickly, but they can get very slippery when wet or very hot, as well. We love these cuties! But for walking ALL day, they’re not your best choice.


Flip flops are easy to wear. But depending on the age of your child, a flip flop that has no ankle straps can be a real problem in a crowded theme park. Plus, they can lose them on fast rides or leave the feet aching from the lack of cushion or support.

tennis shoes

The best choice in our opinion is to choose a tennis shoe that is light weight, in case it gets wet, and that offers more support for the foot. So any shoe that is not completely flat and it’s made out of a light material should do. Bonus points if they have no laces like the one in the picture!



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