Affordable Food at Disney Springs

 April 14, 2017

The Walt Disney World Resort is known for its magic and their ability to provide ever-lasting memories to all families that visit their beloved resort. But if you have ever planned a Disney vacation, you should know that prices are usually pretty steep for ANYTHING Disney related. And that goes not only for theme parks, but also for Disney merchandise and all of the amazing new stores ands restaurants at Disney Springs.


Disney Springs offer AMAZING options for unique restaurants like the Boathouse, Morimoto Asia, Rainforest Cafe and many more. We highly recommend visiting one of these restaurants if you would like to experience extraordinaire cuisine for a special night out. But you must know that these restaurants will come at quite an expensive price point.


So, if you are looking to spend a day at Disney Springs and eat well for a fair price, we have a few suggestions for you:


Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza: This new pizza place is the perfect combination of flavor, speed and great prices! The menu is super easy to figure out as they only have one size pizza for sale and a couple of different prices to choose from. You can get a one topping personal pizza for below $9 or you can build your own pizza or choose from a signature pizza for below $10 each. We highly recommend the garlic pesto sauce by the way!

 Blaze pizza

Earl of Sandwich: Also a spot that is as delicious and affordable as it gets! This place is so good that the line is always long no matter when you visit, but it is SO worth it. Sandwiches cost about $8 and you can get chips and drink for an extra $2.99. The sides are also delicious if you feel extra hungry. They offer mac and cheese, potato wedges and more and these will range from $3 to $5 each.

 earl of sandwich Disney Springs

Food Trucks: Obvious choice here, but the food trucks are truly a great option. The dishes average $8 to $12 each and are also super flavorful. Do pay attention to portion sizes, though. Some portions can be kind of small for the price, so make sure you ask before ordering.


We hope you enjoyed these great tips to help you save some money on your Disney vacation. And also, don’t forget that the number one way you can save on a Disney vacation is by booking a hotel that offers affordable rates. To check prices and availability for a stay at the Coral Cay Resort, please check our website. We offer townhomes to comfortably host your entire family. Plus, when you have a whole kitchen to yourself, you can always choose to cook a homemade meal to save even more money! We hope to see you soon!