5 Tips to Enjoy Disney with Toddlers


February 25, 2017

Disney is the most magical place on earth and deserves to be experienced at all ages! Some parents are hesitant to bring small children to the parks as they are unsure if they would thoroughly enjoy it, because Disney means fun but often means waiting in long lines and tons of walking. But we can assure you that toddlers can have an absolute blast if you remember to do a few things to make their lives easier:

Stroller: First tip is to bring or rent a stroller. No matter how much your kid loves to walk or how excited you are to hold them on your shoulders, you will get tired and so will they. Strollers are 100% necessary for toddlers and you will see that by the sea of strollers parked by each attraction. Pro tip: Bring a few colorful ribbons to mark you stroller and never leave personal belongings unattended on your stroller.



FastPass+: If you are planning your Disney trip and still don’t know what a Fastpass+ is, please check this previous blog post explaining it all. But basically, you get to skip ahead in line for three attractions if you just set up your Fastpasses+ in advance. Toddlers have a small tolerance for standing still, so the shorter the lines, the happier they’ll be.

The waiting game: Even setting up your Fastpasses+, you will still have to wait in plenty of other lines with your kids and most lines don’t allow you to take your stroller with you. That means you will have to keep your little ones entertained while you wait. You know best what kinds of toys and games will keep your child engaged, but small toys or devices like a smartphone or coloring book are ideal!

Character meet: One of the things we highly recommend is to make sure your kids are not scared of characters before you spend a small fortune on character breakfasts or wait in an hour-long line just to hear them scream and beg to leave. Test it out by pointing to the characters you see around the park and judging their reaction. Get as close as you can to the character without having to wait in line to just show your kid what the character encounter would look like. It’s not fun for anybody when the child is in tears over being forced to hug Mickey, so just skip that and have them wave to the characters if they are not ready. If you stay for a few days there’s a slight chance that they’ll warm up to their favorite character and you will get the chance to snap that magical picture!



Snacks: All the walking and playing will require plenty of snacks for steady energy levels. Pack your own juice boxes, apple sauces, fruit, crackers or whatever your toddler’s favorite snacks are! If you are staying with us at the Coral Cay Resort, you can take advantage of our full kitchen to store cheese, lunch meat and jelly in the fridge and even make small sandwiches for lunch to save some money for the day.



We hope you enjoy making memories with your little ones at the Walt Disney World Resort and we look forward to hosting you soon at the Coral Cay Resort.