2015 Halloween Costumes for Kids

September 3, 2105

Every year new movies come out and make it hard for us to decide which costume to buy for our little ones. Sometimes you have no choice as your kid will put their foot down on what they want to wear, but if you need a little inspiration we have picked a few costumes that are very timely and will probably be a hit with the kiddos this year. Halloween in Orlando is super fun, so if you are coming to stay with us at Coral Cay make sure to follow us on Facebook to not miss our tips when we post our blog post on what to do for Halloween!

Disney’s Cinderella was released in March this year, so it’s a classic princess option for girls!


Minions was just released in July and kids are going bananas about it! I mean, how cute are those yellow little boogers? These costumes are just way too adorable.
Big Hero 6 was released in November of last year, so it still makes the cut for this Halloween as it was too late for last year’s celebration.
The Descendants are quite a hit with teenagers. Who wouldn’t want to dress up like Mal or Evie?
Inside Out came out in June and touches on the difficult emotions that every kid has to go through at some point. The characters’ colorful outfits make for great costumes!
Jurassic World was released in June and instantly broke many global box office records and became a sensation. Dressing up like Owen (Chris Pratt) will sure be a cute choice for this year’s Halloween.